Mount Lambak or Gunung Lambak
Mount Lambak or Gunung Lambak is a small mountain in the centre of Johor State, Malaysia, about 5 km from the town of Kluang. The summit is 510 m above sea level. It has been developed as a recreational and tourist attraction called Mount Lambak Recreational Forest. Pathways and wooden bridges make it relatively easy to climb to the summit, and a picnic spot at the base of the mountain has car parking, benches, a small children’s playground and toilets. There is also chalet accommodation, camping facilities and a swimming pool. The television station RTM completed a transmitter on Gunung Lambak in 1969 to provide good reception in Kluang. It closed in 1983, superseded by a transmitter at Gunung Ledang, near Tangkak. The mast still stands at the summit of Gunung Lambak.

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